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Babywearing it Up!: About the Podaegi

Babywearing it Up!: About the Podaegi.

Natalie shares some great pictures and some first hand experience on making her podaegi from a tutorial that she found. Looks good and the kid seems comfy!

(PS, yes I know I’ve let this blog be stagnant – working on it!)


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Children’s Podaegi

In the same way that little girls in western cultures have their teddy bears pushed around in mini strollers, little girls in Korea play with their wubbies in pint-sized podaegis.

Isn’t she cute?

I can’t translate this entire blog entry but the pictures are absolutely adorable. ADORABLE!

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Videos on How to put on a Podaegi!

Thankfully, there are tons of helpful videos on how to put a podaegi on to make sure you little one is secure.


I’ve ordered a Podaegi from Korea so I’ll show some action videos of em with Amelia in one as soon as it arrives!

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Howdy howdy from!

Howdy everyone.

My name is Min Jung Kim and I am a longtime blogger and first time mom.  I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years and have only recently become a mother to a wonderful little girl named Amelia.  I’m still getting used to the idea of being a Mommy-Blogger though my baby is now nearly 8 months old and I blog and tweet about her pretty regularly.

I’ve recently become obsessed with Podaegi’s which are the traditional Korean baby carrier/wrap that I remember being carried in when I was little.

Podaegi, Poddaegi, Poddegi, Podegi, 포대기.

It’s pronounced Poh-Deh-Ggi.e)

Amelia’s nearly grown out of her front-carried Bjorn (a fine device, to be sure) but I find it still a little cumbersome and unweildy having her up front with her fingers grabbing at everything and her feet kicking at me.

A Podaegi is great in terms of handling and carrying children as they grow as a toddler and makes it great for walking about with each other.  Effectively it’s a very secure piggyback ride supported by a blanket.

Image Source –

Image Source –

Image Source –

Podaegi’s are so prevalent in Korea that they even make Podaegi’s for children to backstrap their teddybears and dolls in.

More info to come as I blog about all things Podaegi!

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